The Moneychangers in the Temple

I have been asleep most of my life in relation to the level of control exercised by the Right in western politics. Just doing work on the United States at the end of WW2. Roosevelt had fought the moneychangers in the Temple, faced a Fascist coup, fought the Nazi linked munitions people during the War and in 1944 was going to be elected with his Vice President, Henry Wallace. In April 1944 Wallace warned in the New York Times about American Fascism and the way it was operating. They were outed, associated with the Nazis, and did not like it. They set out to get him and moved him off the Vice Presidential nomination though he was the most popular and shooed Truman in to be President when Roosevelt died. A lot of it was anti-black racism which Wallace also exposed. Then a red scare, McCarthy, Nixon, villify a few people who were USSR sympathysers or US Communists, and anything socialist was automatically damned on a scale which made the masses distrust socialism. Stalin was villified even though the USSR had lost 25 million people while the US and UK had lost half a million in WW2. Churchill gave the Fulton Iron Curtain speech to prevent US co-operation with the USSR. Evangelicalism was courted to lurch to the right. The Cold War kept the military companies in business. Since then the Right has controlled, taking out influences like Jimmy Carter and Obama who might do something different.
The Right, including the Fascist Right, fight dirty also in Britain, as they did in the fake Zinoviev telgram to get rid of Labour in 1924, as they tried during the War with the Hesse flight, as they did against Foot and CND and as they are doing now with Corbyn. They need to prevent real democracy breaking out, and they will. They can tame and take over any attempts to reform them. Corbyn is being sewn up and the Labour establishment are also doing the darning. We have not started to address the moneychangers in the Temple, and they are in the Temple, running it.

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