On Benefits

Yes, I agree it’s difficult to see

things my way. You are busy, gone – absent

and looking at your phone. The other here,

to do, and needing you, but I will wait.

For I can take as much time as I like,

And nothing much to do. We share the work,

and not so much of that on benefits.

We beg and he coughs up. The food arrives.

It’s grown and comes to us. I saunter round

and meet the others,learning as we walk.

For we are wanting to be serious rich.

The biggest diamond in the world is there

Under that stone. We cannot lift it up.

But we know where it is, and silly you

Working elsewhere, on phones, for peanut spread,

Your busy bee success and business tired.

Your way and giving you rewards of more

Importance. You prop up designer clothes.

But we know where the diamond is and weighs.

To know first what it means, before the work,

And then not much of that, as I have taught

Martha, whom I love strong, the other day.

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